Technical Resources

Case Study

Wondering how our sealing & gasketing solutions can help your business? Read our many case studies to know how Garlock products have been applied to different industries and specific applications.

Technical Catalogue

Access the technical information you need about our products. We provide technical catalogues that have in-depth guides troubleshooting, specifications, and more.

Installation Guide

Read our technical guides and articles on how to properly install some of Garlock’s most in-demand products.


Looking for a brochure for a specific Garlock product? We regularly update this page with all our available product brochures conveniently downloadable as PDF files.

Conversion Tables

Use these conversion tables to perform common conversions involving units of length, area, volume, weight, pressure, density, speed, flow rate, torque, temperature, and angles. Enter a known value in the appropriate edit box and press the corresponding “calculate” button (immediately below the edit boxes) to convert to the remaining units.


Technical Resources

Find the sealing solution that you need for your specific project. Garlock Singapore carries all products from our global catalogue. If you have a critical or difficult application, our engineering support is ready to work with you to meet your needs.

Technical Resources

Technical Resources