GARFLEX® Style 8100

General service expansion joint for high pressure applications

GARFLEX® 8100 expansion joints feature rugged yet flexible nylon cord reinforcement in a molded spherical bellows design that ensures an exceptional burst pressure rating. The streamlined flowing arch design reduces turbulence and allows smooth, quiet flow-no need to fill the arch and restrict its movement.

GARFLEX® 8100 meets the requirements of ASTM F1123 and Navy/Coast Guard Specification 46CFR56.60-25(E).

Regional Availability Restrictions: Not available in Europe

  • Flowing arch design prevents sediment buildup and reduces turbulence
  • Floating flanges can be rotated to accommodate torsional misalignment
  • Molded spherical bellows accommodate up to one inch of axial movement and transverse deflection
  • Nylon-reinforced nitrile tube earns high pressure rating without sacrificing flexibility
  • Resists most hydrocarbons, oils, and gasoline
  • Supplied silicone-free
  • Min. Temperature:
    -20°F / -29°C
  • Max. Temperature:
    230°F / 110°C
  • Max. Pressure:
    232 psi / 16 bar
  • Max. Inner Diameter:
    12 in. / 300 mm
  • Vacuum Rate:
    23in. Hg / 575 mm Hg         
  • ASTM F1123
  • Navy/Coast Guard Specification 46CFR56.60-25(E)
  • ABS Type Approval
  • Tube — Nitrile bellows with rugged nylon tire cord reinforcement ensure strength yet flexibility. Incorporates a flowing arch design to eliminate product buildup.
  • Cover — Homogeneous layer of neoprene coated with a protectant withstands weathering and ozone
  • Flanges — Zinc-coated ductile iron flanges are corrosion resistant
GARFLEX® Style 8100

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GARFLEX® Style 8100

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