ABRA-LINE® Style 4394

Rubber Expansion Joints for Low Pressure Abrasive Applications

This multi-convoluted, lightweight expansion joint is designed for lower pressure applications that require significant amounts of movement, axially and/or laterally. Its low spring rates make it ideal for load cell, bin activator, vibrating bin, silo, and shaker boot applications.

Regional Availability Restrictions: Not available in Europe

  • Proprietary urethane formula designed for abrasive applications
  • Lightweight design installs easily and costs less to ship
  • Can be custom designed for greater movement capabilities
  • Choice of construction materials available to suit a wide range of temperatures
  • Available in flanged or sleeve type design, up to 48 inch max (1,219 mm) ID
    (Contact Garlock® for larger ID sizes)
  • Max. Temperature with Urethane/Polyester:
    +180°F / +82°C
  • Max. Pressure without external reinforcing rings:
    up to 3 psi / 0.2 bar
  • Max. Pressure with external reinforcing rings:
    up to 15 psi / 1.0 bar
  • Max. Vacuum without internal reinforcing rings:
    up to 3 inHg / 75 mmHg
  • Max. Vacuum with internal reinforcing rings:
    up to 15 inHg / 381 mmHg

Alternate Cover Materials

  • CSM
  • Nitrile
  • Fluoroelastomer
  • EPDM
  • Neoprene

Optional Configurations

  • Sleeve connections
  • External and internal reinforcement rings
  • Extended face-to-face
  • Multiple convolutions for higher movements
ABRA-LINE® Style 4394

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ABRA-LINE® Style 4394

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