ABRA-LINE® Style 404

Expansion Joints for Full Vacuum Abrasive Applications

Style 404 Expansion Joints are specially designed for full vacuum and pressure service in abrasive applications. The tube material is a proprietary urethane formulation. Style 404 can be constructed as a single, multiple, or filled arch design. It can connect pipe flanges in concentric or eccentric tapers to join piping of unequal diameters and connect misaligned piping.

Regional Availability Restrictions: Not available in Europe

  • Abrupt filled arch configuration provides maximum movement, pressure, and vacuum resistance in demanding slurry applications
  • Fully lab and field tested for long life and exceptional reliability
  • Seamless flange face eliminates need for gaskets
  • High pressure and vacuum resistance increases safety and ensures suitability for a wide range of applications
  • Can be custom designed for greater movement capability and easier installation
  • Variety of elastomer and fabric combinations meet the demands of temperature, pressure, and media
  • Size:
    • Min. Inner Diameter: 0.5 in / 15 mm
    • Max. Inner Diameter: 120 in / 3000 mm
  • Temperature
    • Max. Temperature with ABRA-LINE tube:
      180°F / 82°C
  • Pressure

ABRA-LINE® Style 404

  • Vacuum Rating (all sizes and pressire classes):
    • Full Vacuum / 29.9 in Hg / 750 mm Hg
  • Alternate Cover Materials
    • Natural Rubber
    • CSM
    • Neoprene/FDA Neoprene
    • Nitrile/FDA Nitrile
    • Chlorobutyl (Standard)
    • HNBR (Hydrogenated Nitrile)
    • FKM (Fluoroelastomer)
  • Canadian Registration Number (CRN) – Alberta – 404HP
  • ASTM F-1123 Compliant – 404HP, 404EPS
  • Power Generation
  • Chemical
  • Fertilizer
  • Mining

Standard Design

  • Tube
    > ABRA-LINE® tube for superior abrasion resistance
    > Abrupt arch configuration provides maximum movement and maximum pressure and vacuum resistance
    > Seamless tube creates a positive flange seal without gaskets
  • Body
    > Chlorobutyl/polyester construction with welded, treated metal body rings for dimensional stability
  • Cover
    > Chlorobutyl extends to outside flange diameter
    > Durable coating resists weathering and oxidation

Optional Configurations

  • Multiple arches for higher movements
  • Filled arches to eliminate media buildup
  • Oversized arches for higher movements
  • Concentric and eccentric tapers to connect piping of unequal diameter
  • Custom Drilling: ANSI, DIN, AWWA, BS, JIS, and special drilling patterns available on request
  • Extended face-to-face
  • Accommodate misalignment: lateral, angular, and torsional offsets
ABRA-LINE® Style 404

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ABRA-LINE® Style 404

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