Kammprofile with THERMa-PUR® Facing (4122-KAMM)

Serrated solid metal core gasket with soft, deformable sealing material and integral outer ring.

Country of Origin: United States

  • Seals less-than-perfect flanges to form a tight connection 
  • Performance replacement for jacketed heat exchanger gaskets
  • Fire safe—passed API 6FB fire tests
  • Solid metal core resists cold flow, over compression, and blowout
  • Rigid core provides exceptional stability, even in large sizes, and facilitates handling and installation
  • Available in wide variety of metals
  • Seals under low stress—ideal for lighter weight flange designs
  • Withstands extreme fluctuations in temperatures and pressures
  • Gasket Factor “m” = 4.0
  • Gasket Factor “y” = 1,000 PSI (NOTE: When designing flanges, Garlock® recommends using a “y” of 4,000 PSI to ensure the flange design is thick enough to avoid excessive deformation when assembled and heated.)
  • Valves
  • Pumps
  • Flanges
  • Heat Exchangers
  • Vessels
Kammprofile with THERMa-PUR® Facing (4122-KAMM)

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Kammprofile with THERMa-PUR® Facing (4122-KAMM)

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