MICRO-TEC® II Bearing Isolators

Metallic bearing isolator with micro-cellular filter

MICRO-TEC® II bearing isolators offer supperior bearing protection when airborne dust, or other contamination is present. The MICRO-TEC® II line of bearing isolators feature the same advantages as the GUARDIAN™ bearing isolators, with the additional support of a microcellular foam (air filter) to capture any airborne contamination.

Country of Origin: United States

  • Easy by hand installation — no need for an arbor press
  • Uses less energy than contact lip seals
  • Compliant with safety and industry manufacturing standards
  • Non-contact engineered labyrinth design reduces shaft drag
  • Lifetime bearing protection increases mean time between failure (MBTF)
  • Extended bearing life
  • Consistent sealing performance
  • Non-wearing components
  • Patented Unitizing Ring by Garlock® eliminates metal to metal contact between stator and rotor.
  • Engineered labyrinth designs exclude contamination while retaining bearing lubrication, to IP 66 ratings
  • Non-wearing components means seal properties are not degraded over time
  • Faster mean time to repair (MTTR) during rebuilds
  • Eliminates repairs for shaft grooving
  • Eliminates repairs for seal housings
  • Internal closed cell, silicone based microcellular foam (air filter)
  • Surpasses IEEE 841-2001 Standards
  • IP 65-66 rating per NEMA MG 1-2003, see MICRO-TEC®II configuration table
  • API 610 compliant bronze construction (standard)
  • 316 SS construction available upon request
  • Flanged (Split and Solid)
  • Small Cross Section Flanged (Solid)- Fits in c/s as small as 0.188in. (4.76 mm)
  • Flangeless (Solid)- Does not extend past face of housing
  • Narrow Width Flangeless (Solid)
  • Step Shaft  (Split and Solid)- Custom designed for applications where the shaft has a step
  • Split Pillow Block Housings (Split and Solid)
  • Vertical (Solid)- Vertical design for top applications
  • Surface Mount (Split and Solid)- For electric motors with tight radial spaces
Garlock® Patented Cam-Lock Design
The patented Cam-Lock design of the MICRO-TEC® II provides excellent bore retention while allowing easy installation by hand, without the need for an arbor press. The interference fit of other designs require special tools for installation and may generate bronze shavings and result in bore scoring.
Unitizing Element
The patented unitizing element prevents the rotor and stator to contact. The unitizing element also prevents the components to separate during operations which could cause premature failure. The unitizing element is integrated into all KLOZURE® metal isolator designs. 
Microcellular Foam
The closed cell, silicone based foam used in the MICRO-TEC® II bearing isolators excels at excluding contamination. When looking to extend the service life of bearings in extremely harsh, dirty environments; the MICRO-TEC® II has been proven to outlast the others.
MICRO-TEC® II Bearing Isolators

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MICRO-TEC® II Bearing Isolators

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