KLOZURE® Bearing Isolators

KLOZURE® Bearing Isolators for pumps, motors, and gearboxes

KLOZURE® Bearing Isolators feature a unitized labyrinth design to prevent ingress of contaminants and egress of lubrication. KLOZURE® Bearing Isolators are most commonly found in pumps, motors, and gearboxes. Both split and solid styles are available. All KLOZURE® Bearing Isolators are proudly MADE IN THE USA!


Eliminates the metal-to-metal contact between rotor and stator that causes vibration and misalignment which causes traditional O-rings to shred...

Split GUARDIAN® Isolators

The first truly unitized split isolator, the Split GUARDIAN™ offers exceptional bearing protection for pumps and motors under the harshest...

MICRO-TEC® II Bearing Isolators

Guardian™ features, but with microcellular foam air filter to capture airborne contamination

ISO-GARD® Bearing Isolators

Bearing protection for pumps, motors, and bearing supported equipment. Filled with PTFE material for excellent chemical resistance

SGi® Bearing Isolators

Shaft Grounded for VFD Controlled Electric Motors

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