TUFF-RAIL® Manway Gaskets

Tuff rail manyway gaskets
TUFF-RAIL® Manway Gaskets

The GYLON® TUFF-RAIL® Family consists of two tank car manway gaskets, GYLON® 3545 & 3504 TUFF-RAIL®. The TUFF-RAIL ® patent pending technology incorporates raised sealing features for a tighter seal in less than ideal bolting conditions, even after multiple cycles. Engineered to a single size, these gaskets fit the most common manways (AAR-1, UTC-1, TRN-1) simplifying gasket selection and inventory requirements. Constructed from our industry proven GYLON® material, TUFF-RAIL ® manway gaskets have been tested for reliability, reusability, and superior performance over other similar PTFE materials.

Designed for increased compressibility, GYLON EPIX™ improves performance in misaligned flanges. The consolidation of two thicknesses to one reduces the need to inventory multiple thicknesses. Garlock is dedicated to providing real sealing solutions that meet real world sealing needs. With an improved design, color-coded materials, and single thickness, GYLON EPIX™ makes sealing easier.


Manufactured from 100% pure PTFE and utilizing our proprietary GYLON® process, the 3545 TUFF-RAIL® gasket is specifically designed to help address...

TUFF-Rail GYLON 3504


Extending the use of our patent pending molding technology, the 3504 TUFF-RAIL® gasket is the latest addition to our TUFF-RAIL® family of products...

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