STRESS SAVER® Gasket Seals

Garlock Stress Saver Gasket Seals

The Garlock® STRESS SAVER® family of products feature molded, raised ribs that help to create a tighter seal by concentrating the compressive load, ideal for lightweight piping and non-metallic flange applications where low bolt load and chemical resistance are issues. This rib design allows the STRESS SAVER® gaskets to seal where flat rubber and traditional PTFE gaskets will not.

STRESS SAVER® 370 Gasket Seal

STRESS SAVER® 370 Gasket Seals

Low torque gaskets for metallic or non-metallic flat-face flanges

STRESS SAVER® 6800 Gasket Seal

STRESS SAVER® 6800 Gasket Seals

EPDM gasket for water and very mild acids and caustics applications

STRESS SAVER® GYLON® Style 3504 Gasket Seal

STRESS SAVER® GYLON® Style 3504 Gasket Seals

Molded, raised ribs with the performance of GYLON® 3504 PTFE gasketing material

Stress Saver® XP Gasket Seal


NSF 61 Certified and suitable for use in CORZAN® CPVC Piping

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