STRESS SAVER® GYLON® Style 3504 Gasket Seals

100% GYLON® PTFE with aluminosilicate microspheres

GYLON® STRESS SAVER® Style 3504 combines the proven sealing advantages of molded, raised ribs with the performance characteristics of the industry recognized GYLON® 3504 PTFE gasketing material. The combination of these two time-tested configurations make Style 3504 GYLON® STRESS SAVER® the ultimate sealing solution.

  • Versatility – Suitable for both metallic and non-metallic piping with either flat or raised face flanges
  • Chemical resistance – GYLON® 3504 is ideal for a wide range of caustics and acids, helping to simplify the selection process
  • Limited Creep and Cold-Flow – Greatly reduces the leakage after installation and system cycling
  • Superior Physical Properties – Higher temperature and pressure capabilities as compared to rubber gaskets
  • Homogeneous Construction – Single piece design helps avoid permeation, delamination, fold-over of PTFE envelopes and potential splitting when installed against raised face flanges
  • High purity – FDA, USP Class VI, and NSF-61* 

*Style 3505 GYLON® Stress Saver® is able to meet the stringent requirements of NSF-61 for potable water applications.

  • Composition
    100% GYLON® PTFE with aluminosilicate microspheres
  • Color Blue
  • Temperature
    -450° F to 500° F / -268° C to 260°C
  • Pressure
    PSIG 800 PSIG 55 Bar
  • PxT (max)
    250,000 (psig x °F) / 8,600 (bar x °C)
  • Media
    All solvents, most caustics and acids, hydrocarbons, refrigerants, cryogenics and potable water
  • Approved to NSF-61 for potable water applications.


  • Chemical Processing
  • Electronics, semiconductor
  • Food
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Pulp and Paper
  • Potable/Drinking water*

Flange Types

  • PVC
  • FRP
  • PVDF
  • CPVC
  • Polypropylene
  • Cast and ductile iron

*Specify Style 3505 GYLON® Stress Saver®

Meets ABS (American Bureau of Shipping), FDA (Food and Drug Administration), and USP (US Pharmacopeia) specifications.

STRESS SAVER® GYLON® Style 3504 Gasket Seals

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STRESS SAVER® GYLON® Style 3504 Gasket Seals

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