Style 5889

A continuous filament, non-porous PTFE fiber packing that is dimensionally stable yet relatively soft and flexible.

Style 5889 is treated with PTFE dispersion and an inert ingredient for high speed rotary shaft service in marine, wastewater treatment, and other volatile applications. Excellent chemical resistance.

  • Chemically resistant for pumps and rotary equipment
  • Preshrunk to avoid packing wear and shaft scoring
  • Soft, flexible but very nonporous
  • Excellent choice for rotary shaft service
  • Min. Temperature:
    -450°F / -268°C
  • Max. Temperature:
    500°F / 260°C
  • Max. Pressure:
    1200 PSI / 83 bar
  • Maximum PxT 1/16:
    350,000 °F x PSIG / 12,000 bar x °C
  • Maximum PxT 1/8:
    250,000 °F x PSIG / 8,600 bar x °C
  • Sump pumps
  • Chlorinators
  • Alkaline softeners
  • Slip-type expansion joints
  • Strong acid situations
  • Coke plant hot oil pumps
  • Reciprocating rods, rams, and plungers
Not recommended for chlorine service.
Style 5889

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Style 5889

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