F1, F-3, F-5 Tornado Pack Soot Blower Packing

Tornado Pack is a family of styles specifically designed for installation in soot blowers. The sets consist of die-formed conical center rings with top and bottom adapters for ease of installation, accurate fit and firm seating in the stuffing box. These soot blower sets offer extended service life, less maintenance and downtime, and greater reliability on troublesome and often inaccessible soot blowers.

  • Rugged materials for extended service life
  • INCONEL® wire reinforcement to help withstand high temperatures and pressures
  • Die-formed rings to assure fit and simple installation
  • Efficient conical design allows for outstanding sealing at low gland loads
  • Standard sizes for Diamond Power, Copes Vulcan, and other soot blowers

INCONEL is a registered trademark of Inco Alloys International, Inc.

Max. Temperature

  • F1: 650°F, 1200°F steam
  • F-2: 850°F, 1200°F steam
  • F-3: 850°F, 1200°F steam

Standard Sizes

  • Diamond IK: 2.375″ x 3.125″ x 3.375″
  • Diamond IR: 1.960″ x 2.715″ x 2.500″


Style 127-AFP – INCONEL® wire-reinforced spun carbon over homogeneous core


Style 1298 – INCONEL® wire-reinforced PBI® over carbon fiber core


Style 1303-FEP – INCONEL® filament-reinforced high purity GRAPH-LOCK®

INCONEL is a registered trademark of Inco Alloys International, Inc. PBI is a registered trademark of Celanese Corporation.

Garlock compression packing

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