9000-EVSP Simplified® Valve Stem Packing Sets

Combines Style 98 carbon packing and GRAPH-LOCK® cup and cone die-formed rings to form a nearly chemically inert set.

The 9000-EVSP® Simplified set expands radially when the gland is tightened, creating a positive valve stem OD seal as well as stuffing box ID seal.

  • Patented “cup and cone” design permits selective component compression and controlled radial flow for effective sealing of I.D. and O.D.
  • End rings act as wiper rings to restrict graphite particle transfer, prevent extrusion and provide extra resiliency
  • Patented cup and cone design can provide sealability in valves as shallow as three-ring cross sections
  • For deep stuffing boxes requiring more than a 7-ring set, machined / split carbon bushings can shorten the box depth
  • Grade 250 (Style #4525) for general services
  • Grade 580 (Style #4540) for nuclear services
  • Choice of end rings: Style 98 (general service) or Styles G-700 or 1398 (nuclear service)
  • Min. Temperature:
    -328°F / -200°C
  • Max. Temperature:
    850°F / 455°C
  • Max. Valve Pressure:
    10,000 psi / 689.5 bar
  • Hydrocarbon industry processing
  • Any valve application where elimination of encrustation, chemical attack, or health hazard is required
  • Custom Design Capability
9000-EVSP Simplified® Valve Stem Packing Sets

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9000-EVSP Simplified® Valve Stem Packing Sets

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