Compression Packing

Garlock Compression Packing will contribute to maintain a safe process, meet stringent fugitive emission limits and save resources, with proven reliability.

Our packing products will generate the greatest return on initial investment in terms of leakage control, service life, dependability, and cost-effectiveness.

Garlock compression packing is rigorously tested to ensure effective sealing in valves, pumps, agitators, and other rotary equipment.

Garlock’s product line includes industry recognized Low Emission valve stem packing; leading-edge and award winning pump packing sets like dry-running DSA, and water saving HYDRA-JUST®. We pioneered the development of emission control valve stem packing in the early 1980s. Our innovation efforts have yielded a portfolio of low emission packing products to suit customer needs and meet EPA’s latest requirements.

Style 5000 Premium Carbon Packing

For non-contaminating slurry service

Style 98 Premium Carbon Packing

Most versatile Service

Style 5889 Chemical Resistance Packing

For high speed rotary shaft service in marine, wastewater treatment, and other volatile applications

Style 1303-FEP Valve Stem Packing

Delivers compliance to most stringent fugitive emissions regulations, combining the low emissions performance of engineered sets with the...

Style 1965 General Service Packing

Manufactured from a blend of our own patented fiber-infused PTFE yarns with graphite, and SYNTHEPAK® yarns, impregnated with PTFE suspensoid then...

Style 1298 Valve Stem Packing

For high temperature and pressure services. Encapsulated INCONEL® wire eliminates stem wear

Style 1333-G Graphite Packing

Premium flexible graphite packing for rotary services and anti-extrusion resistance in valve applications.

212-ULE (Ultra-Low Emissions) Valve Stem Spool Packing

Ultra-low emissions valve stem spool packing

9000-EVSP Simplified® Valve Stem Packing Sets

The 9000-EVSP® Simplified set expands radially when the gland is tightened, creating a positive valve stem OD seal as well as stuffing box ID seal.

F1, F-3, F-5 Tornado Pack Soot Blower Packing

Tornado Pack is a family of styles specifically designed for installation in soot blowers.

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