Torque-Rite® & Smart Clamp

Rubber Fab Torque-Rite® & Smart Clamp™

Over-tightening causes hygienic seal intrusion into the piping I.D., which can result in tearing and sticking resulting in system contamination. Rubber Fab's Controlled Compression products act as a positive mechanical stop making "over-tightening" virtually impossible.

Garlock Torque-Rite®


Torque-Rite® allows you to control compression and expansion while maintaining constant inch/pounds force insuring a Perfect Surface I.D. when used with a Rubber Fab sanitary gasket!

Garlock Smart Gasket Thermocouple Hinge Clamp

Smart Clamp

Don’t Re-Torque...Replace
A system begins to fail when a gasket begins to leak.

Rubber Fab Torque Tee Handle 30 in/lb

Torque Tee

Rubber Fab's Torque Tee and universal socket are designed to aid in clamp installation and removal.

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