Smoothbore Fluoropolymer Hoses

Rubber Fab offers a full line of flexible smoothbore FEP, PFA, and PTFE lined sanitary hoses for Pharmaceutical, Food & Beverage and Industrial applications. Smoothbore fluoropolymer lined hoses are recommended for sanitary, pharmaceutical processing, distillery flex connections, high purity and high temperature applications.

Smoothbore Fluoropolymer hose RFST

Smoothbore PTFE Lined Hose with Stainless Steel Braided Cover

Smoothbore Fluoropolymer hose RFSTB

Smoothbore Black Conductive PTFE Lined Hose with Braided Stainless Steel Cover

Smoothbore Fluoropolymer hose RFRT

Smoothbore FEP Lined EPDM Rubber Covered Hose

Smoothbore Fluoropolymer hose RFSF Supreme - Flex

Smoothbore PTFE Lined Hose with Silicone Outer Cover

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