Female Camlock Fittings

Hose ID InchPart NumberDescriptionFitting
ID Inch
3/412HB-12FCL-SS.75″ Hose Barb x .75″ Female Camlock, Locking, Swivel, 316SS1.30
116HB-16FCL-SS1″ Hose Barb x 1″ Female Camlock, Locking, Swivel, 316SS1.48
1-1/224HBL-24FCL-SS1.5″ Long Hose Barb x 1.5″ Female Camlock, Locking, Swivel, 316SS2.15
232HBL-32FCL-SS2″ Long Hose Barb x 2″ Female Camlock, Locking, Swivel, 316SS2.53
2-1/240HBL-40FC-SS2.5″ Long Hose Barb x 2.5″ Female Camlock, Non-Locking, 316SS3.00
348HBL-48FCL-3163″ Long Hose Barb x 3″ Female Camlock, Locking, Swivel, 316SS3.65
464HBL-64FCL-316-NS4″ Long Hose Barb x 2.5″ Female Camlock, Non-Locking, 316SS4.75

Also available:
HBS style barb

Rubber Fab’s Female Camlock is also available in PTFE lined. Please consult factory for more information.

Rubber Fab Female Camlock Fittings

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