Detectomer® Metal Detectable/X-ray Inspectable


Detectomer® are available in Metal Detectable/X-ray Inspectable materials combined to provide you with the Ultimate Detection Product!

We have been granted our Detectomer® Products Patent!
After much patience and hard work we were granted the patent for the innovative Detectomer® product line. Following the guidelines set forth by the Food Safety Modernization Act, we have been providing food and pharmaceutical industries confidence in our products. By acquiring our patent, we can be sure that we are offering the best sanitary sealing product on the market to reduce product loss and minimize product recalls.

X-ray and metal detection systems provide confidence to food, dairy and pharmaceutical manufacturers by insuring product safety and integrity as outlined by the Food Safety Modernization Act. Developing an effective inspection program to detect contaminants and to monitor the consistency and quality of product helps avoid product waste, recalls, costly down time and customer complaints.


Detectomer® Gaskets/O-Rings

State of the art x-ray inspection systems help ensure product and package integrity by identifying contaminants, scanning for missing or broken products, detecting packing voids, confirming fill levels and controlling product and package mass and fat analysis.


Detectomer® Sheet

Rubber Fab's Detectomer® Metal Detectable/X-ray Inspectable sheeting can be used as a barrier for protection on conveyor belts or fabricated into gaskets, strips, custom profiles and rubber sleeves to meet your specifications.

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