Primary metals

Sealing Solutions for the Primary Metals Industry

Garlock Singapore can supply high-performance sealing solutions that are tested safe and durable and can withstand extreme temperature, pressure, and contamination conditions of primary metals manufacturing. Our oil seals, which help improve machine efficiency, and metallic bearing isolators, which block contaminants and help extend equipment life, are the preferred solutions of the metals industry as they can improve efficiency, lengthen bearing life, and reduce maintenance time and costs.


Primary Metals

KLOZURE® Oil seals from Garlock® KLOZURE® are available in a wide variety of configurations to meet the requirements of major industries. MILL-RIGHT® materials are used on all elastomeric seals for superior bearing protection.
Primary Metals

Eliminates the metal-to-metal contact between rotor and stator that causes vibration and misalignment which causes traditional O-rings to shred

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Garlock offers advanced sealing solutions for the varied needs in Primary Metals industries. Check out our vast range of sealing products for the primary metals industry.

Case Study

Read how Garlock KLOZURE® Bearing Isolators have solved the problem of premature failure due to contamination ingresss.

Technical Article

Garlock Klozure® is the leading manufacturer of bearing protection devices for the heavy duty industrial market. Read our technical manual here.
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Primary Metals


Primary Metals

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