Sealing Solutions for the Power Generation Industry

Garlock’s advanced sealing solutions deliver reliability, safety, and reduced downtime in the power generation industry, with a focus on the basic human needs that are met with electrical power.

We offer advanced solutions for coal, natural gas, fossil fuel, gas turbines, and more. Garlock products combine high-performance, technology-driven fluid sealing performance with industry expertise and a commitment to environmental sustainability.



Garlock Model 64® Heavy Duty Seal
Model 64®

The Model 64® oil seal is the ultimate sealing tool. With the industry's highest shaft to bore misalignment ratings coupled with one of the fastest shaft speed ratings, the Model 64® oil seal can handle the most aggressive applications.

Garlock compression packing
Tornado Pack

Tornado Pack is a family of styles specifically designed for installation in soot blowers.

Garlock Expansion Joints
Rubber Expansion Joints

Garlock® Rubber Expansion Joints offer superior performance, reliability, and service life, resulting in improved plant safety and increased mechanical integrity of equipment.

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