Sealing Solutions for the Pharmaceutical Industry

Cleanliness, traceability and compliance with international regulations are absolutely critical to avoid contamination in pharmaceutical processing. At Garlock Singapore, we bring gaskets and sealing products that are absolutely essential to achieving these goals. 

As the global leader in high-performance sealing solutions for pharmaceutical and bio-processing applications, we work closely with process engineers, maintenance staff and operations executives to develop innovative materials and designs that address the challenges of this industry such as personal safety in the pharmaceutical processing industry, regulatory compliance, reduced downtime, and ease of maintenance.

From hygienic pipework and couplings, to reactor vessels, blenders, mixers, pumps and valves, our dependable solutions provide excellent chemical resistance, superb mechanical properties and extended service life to improve the integrity and productivity of your operation.



Manufactured from our proprietary GYLON® style 3522 modified PTFE, GYLON® BIO-PRO PLUS™ delivers best in class performance across all critical...

GYLON® Gasketing Style 3504

The GYLON® Style 3504 gasket is made of PTFE with aluminosilicate microspheres.

GYLON® Gasketing Style 3545

The GYLON® Style 3545 is a highly compressible microcellular PTFE with a rigid PTFE core for improved handlability.

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