Sealing Solutions for the Mining Industry

To help companies more profitably supply the raw materials needed to power the economy, Garlock’s heavy-duty sealing solutions increase safety and uptime, reduce water and energy costs, and extend service life in mining applications.

Garlock sealing products are built for heavy-duty performance and reliability in even the most formidable conditions, providing reliable service through exposure to abrasive materials and high-pressure environments.


Compression Packing

Our packing products will generate the greatest return on initial investment in terms of leakage control, service life, dependability, and cost-effectiveness.

Eliminates the metal-to-metal contact between rotor and stator that causes vibration and misalignment which causes traditional O-rings to shred
Split GUARDIAN® Isolators

The first truly unitized split isolator, the Split GUARDIAN™ offers exceptional bearing protection for pumps and motors under the harshest condition.


Garlock is a global leader in dynamic sealing products for every major industry, including the mining industry. Check our our vast range of sealing products for the mining industry.

Case Study

Read how Garlock GYLON EPIX 3504 EPX helped a copper mine customer bridge the stress-required-to-seal gap between rubber and traditional PTFE gaskets

Technical Article

Garlock Klozure® is the leading manufacturer of bearing protection devices for the heavy duty industrial market. Read our technical manual here
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