Sealing Solutions for the Marine Industry

Garlock offers a diverse and highly specialized selection of sealing solutions specifically designed to increase safety, reduce downtime, and promote longevity of the international marine sector.

Our innovative sealing solutions are used in a range of marine-based applications from stationary oil drilling platforms to military ships. We also offer a wide array of technical field services that bolster our marine partnerships. Our vast network of trained surveyors, managers, and distributors are standing by to support your needs in the field.


EZ-FLO® Style 206

Style 206 EZ-FLO® expansion joints contain a single wide flowing arch, eliminating the need for filled arches on slurry services. Suitable for high pressure applications, their self-flushing design eliminates media buildup and reduces fluid turbulence.
MULTI-SWELL™ Controlled Swell Sheet Gasketing

MULTI-SWELL™ 3760 is the only true “controlled swell sheet” available on the market today.

Eliminates the metal-to-metal contact between rotor and stator that causes vibration and misalignment which causes traditional O-rings to shred

Case Study

Read how Garlock Expansion Joints offer safety and reliability in the marine offshore drilling sector

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Garlock Expansion Joints are reliable, safe and durable. View our catalogue to find the best expansion joint suited for your needs
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