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We are pleased to announce the grand opening of Garlock & Technetics Group in Suzhou, China. Over 100 guests from more than 70 enterprises attended the ceremony.

At the grand opening event, Mr. Michael Faulkner, President of Garlock Sealing Technologies, thanked the guests from the Suzhou government, the Fengqiao Subdistrict Party Working Committee and SND Bureau for all of their support. He also recognized Garlock suppliers and customers for their continued commitment, trust and partnership.

“We have developed relationships with key Chinese customers in the fields of energy, steel, chemical and pulp and paper” said Mr. Faulkner. “We are working to partner with those customers to develop innovative products designed to meet the unique requirements of the Chinese market. And through that partnering and innovation, we are building awareness of both the Garlock brand and of our noble goal of protecting people and the environment.”

At Garlock, we want our customers to see us not as manufacturers of gaskets, packings and seals but as partners who can deliver engineered solutions to help them unlock new capabilities that improve process safety, reliability and efficiency.

Over the last ten years, the Garlock China team has worked hard to shift the mindset from one of “doing business in China” to one where they are integrated part of the Chinese business community.

We look forward to working with all of our suppliers, customers and government officials to write the next chapter in the history of Garlock China.

Garlock Suzhou Plant opening


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