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Palmyra, N.Y. (August 5, 2019): Garlock – a leading manufacturer of high-performance fluid sealing products – has launched TUFF-RAIL® 3504, a modified PTFE gasket that features superior compressibility and sealing for non-pressure tank car manway applications.

TUFF-RAIL® 3504 utilizes Garlock’s proprietary GYLON® process and integral sealing ribs to seal a wider range of bolt torques and surface conditions compared to conventional PTFE. The modified PTFE material (filled with aluminosilicate microsphere) is designed for use in a variety of acids and caustics, as well as most hydrocarbons, refrigerants and more. TUFF-RAIL® 3504, a patent pending product, provides superior functional performance by combining a unique surface profile and industry proven GYLON® 3504 that is designed to seal under various loading conditions.

“Manways are critical components for the function of a tank car. According to ten years of data tracked by the Association of American Railroads, manways are often a failure point during pressurized system testing, leading to non-accidental release (NAR),” said Matt Tones, Garlock Applications Engineer. “Incorrect gasket selection and installation are two major culprits behind these events. By selecting a specialized part from the TUFF-RAIL® family of products, service life will be extended and failure rates will significantly decrease or be eliminated altogether.”

TUFF-RAIL® 3504 is the latest addition to the TUFF-RAIL® line of manway gaskets from Garlock. It joins TUFF-RAIL® 3545, rounding out the portfolio for a variety of non-pressure tank car field conditions. The line is characterized by superior bolt torque retention, chemical resistance, compression capabilities, conformability and ease of installation. The TUFF-RAIL® family of products was developed based on input from the very people that build, rebuild and work with tank cars across the country and then validated through internal tests and field trials.

“Sealing non-pressure tank car manways presents unique challenges, and requires a product that is designed specifically to address them – that was the inspiration behind the market research, development and testing of these revolutionary products,” said Chris Hicks, Senior Product Manager. “Our aim is to create products tailored to specific applications that demand engineered sealing solutions, and TUFF-RAIL® is our unique solution to a very real problem in the rail industry.”

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