Video Gallery

Garlock 3-D Seal

The 3-D Seal is designed to be the foremost solution for high radial misalignment and high run out applications.

How to install Gaskets in 9 easy steps

Not sure how to install gasket? Check out this 1 minute Tutorial put up by the Garlock Singapore Team, experts in sealing solutions.

Garlock Butterfly Valve

Garlock Butterfly Valves are renowned throughout the chemical, petrochemical and many other industrial sectors for their quality, performance and reliability in demanding conditions

Garlock Ranger® II Casing Spacers (Formerly GPT)

A Non-Metallic Casing Spacer System that uses molded segments to encircle the carrier pipe. This product is formerly offered under GPT Industries.

How to install TUFF-RAIL® Manway Gasket

Garlock Sr. Applications Engineer, Matt Tones demonstrates the ease of installing the TUFF-RAIL® Manway Gasket.

How to install Compression Packing

The Garlock family of companies give you a classic look at how to install compression packing.

Protecting Equipment with Garlock Bearing Isolators

Klozure® bearing isolators from the Garlock family of companies provide exceptional bearing protecting and safety in harsh, caustic and demanding environments.

Garlock GYLON EPIX The New Generation PTFE Gaskets

GYLON EPIX® is a newly developed family of PTFE gaskets. It is manufactured using a patented, profiled surface based on our proven Fawn, Off-White, and Blue GYLON® to create highly conformable materials for optimum sealing performance.

Low Emission Valve Stem Compression Packing from Garlock

Garlock is the pioneer and leader with product introductions that provided industry recognized improvements in fugitive emission control.