Regional Asia Food And Pharma Hub

Garlock Singapore serves the regional food and pharmaceutical industries and after the acquisition of Rubber Fab, Garlock Singapore now have the full range of sealing solutions that focuses on the sale and service of aseptic gaskets, o-rings, hygienic pipework and couplings, hose and hose fittings, valves, and other related products widely used in the Food & Beverage and Pharmaceutical industries. Garlock Singapore also excel in the design and manufacture of customized sealing and specialty gasketing products.

In additional to the leading edge Garlock Singapore has, Rubber Fab also manufactures, market, and sell specialized trademarked products such as Tuf-Steel®, Tuf-Flex®, Torque-Rite®, Smart Gasket®, Detectomer®, ADI Free®, Smart Clamp™, and Smart Port™.

Regional Asia Food and Pharma Hub